🚧 The Saascannon docs are currently under construction, we are working hard to document Saascannon thoroughly 🚧

Configuring your tenant

From the saascannon dashboard (opens in a new tab) you can manage all aspects of your tenant.

Tenant settings

Your tenant settings can be managed from dash.saascannon.com/settings (opens in a new tab) where general, security and email settings can be configured.

Auth Providers

To configure your tenant's auth providers, navigate to dash.saascannon.com/auth-providers (opens in a new tab). Once there you can toggle tenant providers on and off.

Payment Providers

Currently, only Stripe (opens in a new tab) is supported as a payment provider. To enable stripe integration, navigate to dash.saascannon.com/payment-providers (opens in a new tab) and click the "Authenticate" button.

Signing Keys

To view and manage your tenant's signing keys, navigate to dash.saascannon.com/signing-keys (opens in a new tab). Once there you can view your public keys and also rotate keys with the provided buttons.