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Enabling Auth Providers

How to find your auth provider callback url

Callback URLs are used by auth providers to redirect you back to your application, in this case Saascannon, thus, these urls need to be configured with your auth providers so they know where to send you back to once you have logged in.

To find the callback url for auth providers, you will need to login to the Saascannon Dashboard (opens in a new tab) and navigate to Auth Providers (opens in a new tab). From here you will need to find the auth provider you need the callback URL for, in this case we will use github, and click the enable or update button.

Screenshot showing an arrow pointing to the enable button for the github auth provider in the saascannon dashboard

A popup will appear which contains your callback url for the auth provider you selected. Click the copy button to copy the callback url to your clipboard. You can now provide this url to your preferred auth provider.

Screenshot showing an arrow pointing to copy button next to the callback url for github in the saascannon dashboard auth providers enable form popup