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With a wide-reaching ecosystem spanning productivity tools, cloud services, and operating systems, Microsoft caters to both enterprise and consumer markets. By incorporating Microsoft authentication into your product, you extend a streamlined login experience to users familiar with Microsoft's suite of services, enhancing accessibility and user trust.

How to setup the Microsoft auth provider

To enable Microsoft (opens in a new tab) as an auth provider, you will need to create a new App Registration from the Microsoft Azure Portal (opens in a new tab). Follow the official entra ID quickstart guide (opens in a new tab) for up to date instructions on how to do this.

First, navigate to azure portal Entra ID then, App Registrations (opens in a new tab). From here you should click "New Registration".

Screenshot showing the Azure Portal Entra page with an arrow showing to click on App Regitsrations then another arrow pointing to the New Registration button

In the New Registration page, fill in your desired App Name, select supported account types, in most scenarios you will want "Accounts in any organizational directory (Any Microsoft Entra ID tenant - Multitenant) and personal Microsoft accounts (e.g. Skype, Xbox)", although this will depend on your use case. Then provide your microsoft redirect url and click "Register".

If you are unsure on how to find your callback URL in the Saascannon Dashboard (opens in a new tab), follow our guide on how to find your callback url for auth providers

Screenshot of the completed New App Registration from in the Azure Portal

Once your new app is registered, you will be presented with the details for your new app. From here, you will need to copy your app id and click to generate a new secret.

Screenshot of the app registration page showing arrows pointing to the app id and where to click to generate a new secret.

From the certificates and secrets page, click on "New client secret" to generate a new secret and provide a description and expiary.

Note that you will need to provide saascannon with the new secret when your generated one expires and you create a new one.

Screenshot showing how to generate a new secret for your new azure entra ID app registration

Once you have the app id and app secret, you can paste these into the "Enable Microsoft auth integration form" before clicking "Enable Microsoft Auth Integration".

Screenshot of the completed enable microsoft auth integration form within the saascannon dashboard

Congratulations! Users will now be able to login and link their accounts with Microsoft accounts in your saascannon tenant.

Screenshot of the saascannon tenant login form with Microsoft enabled