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Security is of paramount important for Saascannon. As a customer you should have the right to know how we handle your data.

Data Storage

The following shows where your application data is stored at rest. Data from the saascannon platform is available to the instance but always remains in memory.

  • Platform refers to the Saascannon platform, this stores configurations for your applications and orchestrates your instances.
  • Instance refres to your application instance running and storing data within your application's selected region.
Application Config
Auth Provider Config
Encrypted Signing Keys
Payment Provider Config
User Data
Payment Provider Data (Subscriptions)
Roles & Permissions
Plan configurations
OIDC Clients and Scopes


In transit

Traffic within the Saascannon network is encrypted in transit using TLS (Transport Layer Security) at all levels, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of your information during transmission.

At Rest

In addition to encrypting data in transit, we ensure that data at rest is also encrypted. Sensitive data, such as signing keys, are stored in an external secure vault.