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Known for its real-time engagement, Twitter is a go-to platform for succinct communication. Integrating Twitter authentication into your product appeals to users familiar with its immediacy, offering a hassle-free login experience within the Twitter community.

How to setup the Twitter auth provider

To enable Twitter (opens in a new tab) as an auth provider, you will need to create and configure a new project and app in the Twitter Developer Portal (opens in a new tab) and obtain a key and secret. Refer to the official twitter guide (opens in a new tab) for up to date instructions on how to do this if you have any issues.

First start by creating a new twitter app, you will be asked to give your app a name, then presented with a "Keys & Tokens" page.

Screenshot of the add app button in the twitter developers dashboard

You should note down these credentials as you will need then later.

Screenshot of the created api key and api secret in the twitter developes dashboard

You now need to configure some settings in your newly crated twitter app. First from your application, click "Set up" under "User Authentication Settings"

Screenshot of the twitter developer dashboard showing user authentication setup for a twitter app

Next, set the following options for your app settings. These are required for twitter auth to work with Saascannon.

Paste your new Twitter client credentials (Client ID and Client Secret) into their respective fields in the saascannon dashboard twitter auth provider enable form, then click "Enable Twitter Auth Integration"

Screenshot of the completed twitter auth provider form from the saascannon dashboard

Now, users will now be able to login and link their accounts with Twitter accounts in your saascannon tenant.

Screenshot of the saascannon tenant login form with Twitter enabled


Q: Why does the twitter auth provider user OAuth1?

A: Although Twitter does support login via OAuth2, that solution does not currently support requesting the user's email address, which saascannon needs as this is how user accounts are identified and linked.