Maintain complete control with our intuitive Dashboard

Discover how our Dashboard simplifies user management, saves development time, and enhances security.

  • Separate secure admin logins

    Enhance your security procedures by having separate admin logins for user management.

  • Application Analytics

    Understand your user's usage patterns so you can make data driven decisions.

  • Application config

    Easily configure your application auth and subscriptions within our easy to use dashboard.

  • Manage user data

    Seamlessly manage user data within the dashboard without having to write a line of code.

  • Skip building admin panels for user management

    Managing users is an important part of running a successful SaaS product, but building out the infrastructure to do so doesn't contribute to your core product value. With Saascannon, you can use our purpose built dashboard from day one to manage users, access, and subscriptions.

    A prompt allowing an existing user to be sent an email invite link to setup their account
  • Quick config changes

    When you need to offer new account features or subscriptions this can often take a significant development effort. By utilising Saascannon's platform, you can change the config of your application and in moments your users will see the benefit.

    A prompt to enable the github auth provider in the saascannon dashboard

Early Access

We're excited to launch but we want to get it right, so we are looking for early adopters to try out the platform for free. Register your interest below.