Complete, Integrated Account Management

Our fully integrated account management feature allows your users to manage their account and subscriptions from within your application seamlessly and securely.

  • Pre-built screens

    Get a head start with pre-built account management screens and spend more time on your product.

  • Seamless integratoin

    Open pre-built account and subscription management screens using our easy to use SDKs.

  • Always up to date

    We will always keep saascannon hosted screens up to date and supporting the newest features.

  • DIY friendly

    If you want deeper integration and control you can build your own with our account management API.

  • Easy integration

    Allowing your users to manage their account couldn't be any easier. Open an account management modal with a function call, you just need to decide where to put that button!

    Account managemet button
  • Manage subscriptions

    It's not all account management, users can manage their active plans from within a subscriptions management modal, again, just a function call away!

    Plans management plan list

Early Access

We're excited to launch but we want to get it right, so we are looking for early adopters to try out the platform for free. Register your interest below.